Our Water

Premium Mountain Spring Water

Mount Shasta, towering over 14,000 feet as an ice-capped volcano, is not only one of the highest peaks in the continental U.S. but also a sacred site with profound spiritual significance.

Revered by Native Americans for millennia, modern spiritualists recognize it as the planet's Root Chakra—a natural energy vortex. Besides its spiritual allure, Shasta is celebrated for providing some of the world's finest water, thanks to its unique geography and an underground network of lava tubes. These natural formations collect snowmelt in cavernous, sunless environments, ensuring the water remains untouched by humans until it's bottled.

Remarkably, it takes at least 100 years for this pristine water to journey from Mount Shasta's summit through layers of rock, minerals, and gemstones before being harvested, making it a product of both sacred tradition and natural wonder.


Father's Deer takes pride in being one of the finest tasting canned water brands on the market, enriched with alkaline and various natural minerals.